About Brian

Born on October 17, 1971, Brian Brent Besser is the oldest of 2 children. He was born in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. His dad Sam is a retired construction manager and is also very involved in ministry. His mom worked in the medical field for over 40 years, and she is now enjoying her retirement. She always looked at her job as a mission and has many testimonies of sharing God’s love to her co-workers.

Brian’s mom recalls Brian and his sister Julie holding mini-revivals in their living room. Brian would be singing and preaching to whomever would listen. At the age of 9 on a Sunday morning Brian happened to be watching TV when a man by the name of Rex Humbard looked into the TV and said that there was a little boy that wanted to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. On that day, Brian excepted the invitation. Brian ran and told his parents and they explained what had happened. At the age of 15, Brian’s family made a journey to the West Coast, where they still reside. Brian attended Brookside Christian High School and graduated in 1990.

For several years following high school, Brian found himself not serving God. Worse than that, he found himself buried in the fast life of drugs, drinking and bars. He began to sing in clubs and bars where his life was headed for a dead end. Shortly after these dark years, Brian re-dedicated his life to the Lord and committed his gift of singing back to the one who gave it to him. He thanks God often for a praying mother who never gave up and continued to believe that her son’s destiny would be fulfilled. Brian always wondered if the Lord would use his voice again. Brian’s strong desire to sing led him to a local Barbershop chapter where he sang for several years. He helped in their local shows and was instrumental in the Singing Valentine programs. He was also voted Barbershopper of the Year by his peers for his love and passion for singing and for recruiting new singers into the chapter. He was also singing in his church choir and sang with the praise team for 5 years.

Brian started to feel that the Lord was preparing him for what was to come in the near future. From September 2006 till August 2009 the Lord opened the door for Brian to sing with a gospel trio out of Northern California. Brian had the opportunity to share the stage with many nationally known groups, such as the Booth Brothers, Hoppers, Greenes, Legacy 5, Ronnie Hinson, Poet Voices, and the legendary Kingsmen Quartet. These were great years of preparation and learning for Brian, leading to his true calling as a solo singing ministry. His stick-to-it-iveness and his willingness to let God continue to mold him has made him a true servant of the ministry. He has a heart for the lost and a passion for the prodigals to finally COME HOME….

Brian is married to his lovely wife Barbara, and they are currently attending Lakeview Assembly in Stockton, CA. They are blessed with four children.


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